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Why Use Aluminum Scaffolding in Brisbane?

Scaffolding in Brisbane traditionally sees steel materials being used for construction projects. However, we have certainly noticed an increased use of aluminum…

Tips to Shopping for Baby Clothes Online

So you happen to be in the market for a baby clothes online but don’t know exactly where to begin? Don’t fear…

Ongoing Challenges Facing Specialist Disability Accommodation

The history of the specialist disability accommodation initiative might be in its infancy, but there have been tangible strides made forward since…

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Why Use Aluminum Scaffolding in Brisbane?

Scaffolding in Brisbane traditionally sees steel materials being used for construction projects. However, we have certainly noticed an increased use of aluminum…

Tips to Shopping for Baby Clothes Online

So you happen to be in the market for a baby clothes online but don’t know exactly where to begin? Don’t fear…

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Why Use Aluminum Scaffolding in Brisbane?


Scaffolding in Brisbane traditionally sees steel materials being used for construction projects. However, we have certainly noticed an increased use of aluminum frameworks.

These come in different forms including:

  • Aluminum scaffolding in Brisbane – lights, with minimal parts, and easy to move around
  • Aluminum mobile towers – similar to above with multiple step-up podiums
  • Aluminum planks – beams to add extra support and footing

Curious as to why there has been such a rise to rival its steel counterpart, we’ve done a little research to find out some of the reported benefits of aluminum in construction project environments. Check out the reasons we’ve discovered for why aluminum is the new steel…


  1. Lighter

First and foremost, aluminum is not as dense and heavy as traditional steel. This means it’s much easier to install, use, store and transport from one place to another. Which leads into…


  1. Portability


Being a material of a lighter weight, it’s therefore easier to carry compared to its steel counterpart. As it consists of high-intensity band brake casters, it’s easily moved and locked, which makes it easier when transporting your scaffolding around different locations in Brisbane.

Being extremely portable gives this frame a serious advantage over other materials including steel (remembering this is much heavier). This is beneficial to the project team – collaboratively, this can be easily lifted and moved around a site, or dismantled, loaded and reassembled.


  1. Durability

Sturdy aluminum has welded joints for strength. This means it doesn’t need much maintenance and can stand the test of time.


  1. Stability

Aluminum scaffolding in Brisbane is also stable and safe. Reinforced joints make it capable of providing great support to heavy weights. The strong connection between components guarantees high stability, security and safety in the construction work place.


  1. Flexibility

Aluminum frameworks can be easily set up and dismantled, meaning there is more leniency with use around the site.


  1. Budget-friendly

Aluminum scaffolding tends to be cheaper than other options in Brisbane such as wood, fiberglass or steel. It does so without sacrificing quality, this taking into account manufacturer, dimensions and other factors.

Also due to the ease at which this type of scaffolding in Brisbane can be dismantled and moved between sites, there are lower transport costs involved (for example, vehicle fuel).


  1. Adjustable

Speaking of size and dimensions, aluminum scaffolding in Brisbane is available in a range of sizes, complete with adjustable options.


  1. No corrosion

Protective layers of aluminum oxide when exposed to air allow for natural oxidization which serves as a protective membrane, meaning the material doesn’t corrode.


  1. Less maintenance

Steel needs extra care when it comes to corrosion and rust, especially when it’s humid. Wood needs to be protected against wear and deformation. Fortunately though for aluminum, there’s little that’s needed in the way of maintenance, since aluminum doesn’t corrode (as per the above). This makes it a more time-effective choice.


  1. Less labour

Less people and efforts required to maneuver the framework onsite. This in turn means less manpower costs, crane usage, and less safety hazards in the installation and usage of this type of scaffolding in Brisbane. Less skilled personnel and man hours are entailed in this.

With different kinds available on the local market, including sturdy fibreglass, wood, and of course steel, it helps to be aware of the advantages of each.

It is lightweight yet durable, cost-effective and super versatile. Hopefully our list of benefits for the aluminum platform will highlight where this can really come in handy and can help in making decisions for your project.



Tips to Shopping for Baby Clothes Online


So you happen to be in the market for a baby clothes online but don’t know exactly where to begin?

Don’t fear because many parents and guardians will find themselves in same scenario, attempting to find a garment that will be stylish, affordable and practical.


Well not entirely, there are obvious challenges that arise for shoppers who want the best of both worlds as they know that a dress should not be something that blows out the budget.

Fortunately there are some tried and tested tips from those who have sourced a dress that matches their needs.


Know the Party Theme First

Before starting your journey to locate that perfect baby clothes online, you need to know the theme. Unlike adult parties where general gatherings to celebrate a birthday or engagement more times than not won’t have a theme, kids are a different state of affairs. They adore themes, from pirates to carnivals, fairies, rainbows, foods, action figures, superheroes and more. Once you gauge what the theme is, this will give you greater precision on what to shop for, even if the tag on the item isn’t exactly “baby clothes” per se.


Give Yourself Ample Shopping Time

Leaving this activity to the last minute is a recipe for disaster! This scenario that sees mums and dads locating baby clothes online just days or hours from the event leaves them paying for overpriced stock or settling for an item that is not in tune with the rest of the setting. Once you have been made aware of the gathering on the calendar, think about what they are expected to wear and make arrangements to shop ahead of time. That can be difficult to fit in amid everyday tasks, but those that plan ahead really do cut these problems off before they arise.


Avoid Dresses That Stain Obviously

Whether you are looking for baby clothes online that ranges from 4 or 5 years old to 11 or 12, it is well advised to find a garment that won’t stain obviously to the eye. This essentially means to avoid pure white for the dress if you can. The theme can make this task difficult, but pure white attire for children who like to play around can lead to many a stain.


Have Cheap Alternative on Hand

Placing all of your eggs into one basket when it comes to baby clothes online is not a wise decision. We have already outlined how damaging a large food or drink stain can be. What happens if it is ripped, lost or changed colour when put in the wash with a group of red socks? It is important to note that you do not need hundreds of extra dollars to throw around to buy a back up item. What is advised is that this luxury party should not be dictated to by the dress, so ensure that you have a cheap alternative that is clean and casual for your daughter.


Hunt for Sales and Seasonal Bargains

Paying full retail price with baby clothes online should be avoided as a consumer. With Black Friday sales following the busy Christmas period, there are all manner of seasonal opportunities for shoppers to locate discounted items that are cut down. This might take a touch of forward planning where parents have to identify moments when they can obtain an item that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Children party dresses can be far from cheap if you head down to a local department store, so catch them when they need to attract your business.

Ongoing Challenges Facing Specialist Disability Accommodation

disability sign

The history of the specialist disability accommodation initiative might be in its infancy, but there have been tangible strides made forward since its inception.

In 2016 the National Disability Insurance (NDIS) scheme brought forward a provision that saw no less than 28,000 Australian citizens living with a disability the opportunity to live affordably at a dwelling that would cater to their requirements.

As with any ambitious scheme that is designed to be rolled out internationally as thousands of participants opt into the scheme, there have been case studies where individuals are left with a large financial burden, situated in a location that doesn’t meet their needs or having to satisfy a set of criteria that is not necessary within their own set of circumstances.

Here we will outline what challenges are faced by the public and private sectors as well as local communities who are attempting to achieve the best possible results with the resources that are allocated.


Reliance on Government Budget Allocation

man sitting in a wheelchair being assisted by another person

The fact of the matter is one federal election could swing specialist disability accommodation dramatically in one direction or another depending on the result. With a current budget operating at $700 million, there are advocates and critics who are voicing their concern about how sustainable that figure will be for all of the participants that require financial assistance with their living circumstances. A progression of the Liberal government could continue what was started, whilst a switch to Labor could either increase or decrease or alter the model as it currently stands. Change is necessary with certain parameters, but at the initial stage there is concern about the length of investment the government is willing to commit to beyond the short to medium term for current recipients of specialist disability accommodation.


Changes to Disability Status

There are circumstances for recipients of specialist disability accommodation where their own status will change, either for better or for worse. If they have a debilitating illness or injury that is progressively getting worse over time, then that will only add pressure to alter the profile of the accommodation that the disabled individual is living in at the time. The same can be said for those that progress back to health from a physical injury or illness, downgrading the need for care and progressing towards a greater degree of independence. In both circumstances there is a need for regular assessments from medical professionals in sync with the NDIS.


Low Opt-In Rate

As of March 2018, there was a reported 6% opt-in rate from the 28,000 eligible recipients of specialist disability accommodation, a figure that was encouraging to begin with but as time drags on, there is a need to increase that statistic exponentially. There are a number of underlying issues that speak to this figure remaining static, a concern for government officials and communities alike. From a lack of choice in the marketplace in suburban and rural areas to education for the disabled, to real estate and property networks outlining their vision for eligible members, more needs to be done for this initiative to realize its true potential.


Uncertainty in the Market

Like any market driver, there are doubts that linger about specialist disability accommodation when residents move in or out of a premises. If it has been uniquely customized to help manage a spinal injury or a severe mental impairment, how confident will the landlord and property manager be about that premises being filled by an eligible applicant? The fear surrounding that market-based demand is a constant within the sector, something that can only be alleviated by thorough communication and coherent planning by all parties.



Unfortunately there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of specialist disability accommodation and whilst it has made strides in recent years, there will be stumbling blocks and delays that leave recipients falling through the cracks. It will take leadership by government officials and private sector innovators to bring their best to the table and ensure that the needs of recipients are respected and adhered to.


How You Can Make Your Life Easier By Finding A Company Who Offers Printing Services To Work With On A Regular Basis


While there are many people out there who purely focus on online advertisements, great businesses will understand how important printing services are as well. People will need brochure printing, posters, business cards, packaging, in addition to other promotional items such as balloons or magnets. Whatever the case may be, implementing a mixture of print advertisement as well as online advertisement is usually the best approach to attracting new clientele in addition to building a positive brand awareness.

When people are looking to implement such items on a regular basis, it can make their lives a whole lot easier when they put in a bit of time in order to find a company that offers printing services. Furthermore, that they strive to find an organisation that they are able to work closely with on a regular basis. The old saying “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” is certainly true when it comes to networking with other companies which is why it pays to find a place where people are able to become loyal customers. This article will explore the topic further.



It can be a good idea to work with a company who offers printing services as emergencies can often arise

When emergencies arise, it can be a good idea to have a well-known contact in a relevant field. For instance, a certain business may be invited to a last minute event and so will need to quickly implement printing services immediately in order to get their promotional items ready for this event. If this business was then to contact a company they had never dealt with before, it is likely that they would be less inclined to help out with such a last-minute request.

When people are long-term customers, they are much more likely to be taken care of when situations like these arise as the company that offers printing services will want to ensure that their ongoing clients are happy. Furthermore, when mistakes are made, it can be much easier to contact a company that people have already worked with for a period of time as they know how they will likely react. When people are using a company for the first time, it can be nerve-wracking when mistakes are made as they may not be accommodating when they are notified about the mistake.


A company that offers printing services is likely to offer loyalty discounts to those who commit to regular orders

Another great reason to work with a company that offers printing services on a regular basis is because regular customers are likely to receive loyalty rewards. This may be in the form of a discount for every ten orders or it may be in the form of an agreed upon discount rate. Whatever the case may be, it can pay to have all services provided by one place so that discounts and rewards can be applied. In addition to this, people can depend upon the chosen company as they know that they will be able to fulfill their requests on a regular basis. And as all good business owners out there will know, it is best to reduce any risk where possible.

In conclusion, it can certainly pay to shop around but it can also sometimes pay to stay in one place. Because of this, it can make people’s lives much easier (in addition to saving them money) by finding a company who offers printing services to work with on a regular basis.


The Benefits of Pick and Pack Services and Relevant Considerations.

businessman carrying boxes

If you have a small business sending products to customers, and you are not using a pick and pack service you are a fool.

Firstly a pick and pack service is essentially a full service fulfilment centre. Once you have sold your goods to the end customer, the rest is taken care of – the items are picked form a warehouse, packed into envelopes or boxes or other packaging, and then sent on to their final destination.

The rise in popularity of these pick and pack services comes hand in hand with the growth of the internet and e-commerce. Small businesses can now reach a wide audience they never dreamed of previously. People can discover new items not available in their local area. There are huge corporations dedicated to making online selling, purchasing and payment processing easier, so that now there is little or no resistance to online shopping. However, there is only so much technology can do – physical products still need to be transported and delivered to their new owners.

This is where a good fulfillment centre comes in, offering a pick and pack service. For those selling tangible products rather than services or digital products, this is a godsend. It’s all very well in the early days piling your bedroom, kitchen and any available space with your bespoke handmade merchandise; not to mention the cartons, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, labels and everything else you need to successfully contain your product for delivery. But once you reach a certain scale, a smart entrepreneur recognizes that as soon as possible they should outsource this time-wasting chore and focus on the goods, brand and communications of the company.

businessman carrying boxes


It makes perfect sense to employ a specialized pick and pack service to take charge of this laborious task. By taking ownership of this particular function of the distribution funnel, they can perfect the necessary efficiencies. Having a dedicated warehouse means goods are properly stored, catalogued, quickly trackable and found with ease. Just as important is what happens the contain once it leaves the fulfilment centre – logistics and tracking are crucial to this process.

Those are the basics of pick and pack service providers, but there are more specific questions depending on your products. Do you export food products or perishables? The you’ll need a refrigerated warehouse that can offer special packing material and refrigerated delivery transportation. Do you offer free returns, for example for clothing sizes? In that case you’ll need a fulfilment centre that can also manage the returns arm of the distribution channel for you. Do you have a variety of different sized commodities in your repertoire, perhaps you sell furniture or ornamental merchandise? The distribution centre will need to have the flexibility to house these items and the expertise to know how to contain them correctly, as well as the ability to transport and deliver them efficiently. Does your brand attract interest from all over the world, requiring international shipping? Again, the fulfilment centre will need the requisite licences and contacts to comply with foreign orders.


While most options provide all of the above, another important facet of the operation is the timing – how quickly can they send the item? How long will it take to arrive to its destination? The pick and pack service will most likely base its pricing on a combination of the aforementioned factors. This will depend on the size, weight, nature and even seasonality of your goods. However, a good provider will allow you the time to properly ascertain the costs involved and work out the pricing structure that best suits you. Does this price include good customer care, or will you have to take charge of this side of things?

There’s another important consideration when choosing between pick and pack services. While everything may seem in order and they perform all the tasks you require, can they be successfully integrated to your systems? There is nothing more frustrating than receiving 100+ orders a day, but not being able to action them immediately. Furthermore, can they integrate with multiple channels and treat them adequately? (For example, you are offering a free gift with purchases from channel A). A successful integration makes everything else possible and the result is that there should be no need for manual intervention, one should be able to rely on the technology to be one hundred per cent automatic and timely. When you sell 5000% your normal daily sales on Valentine’s Day, you want to be sure those orders will be contained correctly and delivered as soon as possible to the beaming customers.


So, whether you sell stuffed toys to children (and adults) in Asia, exotic teas to Northern Europeans, Comic books to South Americans, specially cobbled dance shoes to Africans or hunting knives and rifles to North Americans, make choosing a great pick and pack service your priority, it will delight your customers while freeing up your time for more sales focused activities.


Get Your Life Back With Rubbish Removal In Sydney

Is your house becoming cluttered with old or broken items? Is it becoming overwhelming, and you just do not know what to do with it all? I am absolutely sure there are many out there at this very moment stressed because they do not know what to do either. Rubbish removal in Sydney has the answer for you.

No matter what you have to get rid of, rubbish removal in Sydney can assist. They will safely eliminate your waste, and all at an extremely competitive price. They don’t merely take your waste to the tip either. They will take all recyclable items to a recycling plant and everything else will be taken for direct disposal. All of the team members will collect your waste safely. All necessary personal protective equipment will be worn and if any tools are needed to dismantle anything, they will supply it all.


The advantages of using rubbish removal in Sydney:

Cost – it is cheaper than you would think. Unlike a skip there are no extra charges for bin hire. And no need to pay for multiple days hire.

Nice looking – no need to create an eyesore with a large metal bin sitting in your yard. A truck will come, park, and then take your waste away.

Sharp Objects – with a Council Clean-up sharp objects like broken glass will be left uncollected. Rubbish removal in Sydney will accept all sharp objects, getting the risk off of your property.

Time saver – spending your precious time organizing and disposing of your waste yourself can be very time-consuming. Using this service, you can get on with your daily tasks faster.

Speed – they are fast and efficient. Your waste will be removed in mere hours compared to a minimum of 24 hours with a bin hire or having to wait weeks for a council clean up.

Safer – trained experts know how to handle waste correctly ensuring there are no accidents and no trips to the emergency room.

Eco-friendly – everything that can be recycled is.

Business looks organized – waste building up can create an un-organized look for your business which can drive customers away.

Image – working with professionals can create a better image for your business.

Cleaner – getting rid of piles of waste can stop infestations of cockroaches, ants, spiders, and mice.

Space – get your space back by disposing of all your unwanted goods. It’s never been easier.



As you can see it is very beneficial, for you, your family and the environment to hire a trained professional rubbish removal in Sydney.

Rubbish removal in Sydney can cater for a vast range. For residential properties, you can have electronic equipment, clothes, organic waste, furniture, mattresses and more removed from your house. For construction sites, you can have concrete, bricks, steel, plastic, soil, sandstone, asphalt, asbestos, drywall, and many other building materials can be taken. For offices, they will take monitors, printers, computers, cabinets, shelves, and much more. Additionally, you can have a deceased estate completely cleared out.

Although it is faster to have all your waste piled together in one place, the experts at rubbish removal in Sydney do not require you to do anything at all. This means there is no need to dig through piles of waste just to sort them out. You can rely solely on the experts. So don’t waste your time or put it off any longer, you can have your residence, place a business, or building / industrial site tidied up faster, leaving you clean and organized.



What Not To Do When Writing and Sending Save the Date Cards


Giving your guests a heads up about your wedding seems pretty straight forward right? Well it turns out there a plenty of mistakes that can be made. Let’s take a look at some of them so you know what to avoid when you planning and organizing your wedding.


Not using save the date cards in the first place

While it is by no means compulsory to provide a ‘pre invitation’ for guests, they can help to avoid scheduling issues in the future. By not sending any guests have just a bit less time to clear their schedule and plan around it. This especially applies if you are having a destination wedding or one that goes over a few days. Giving guests more time to plan means they will be more likely to be available to attend.


Sending them too late or early

It is generally said that the ideal amount of time to give guests is six to eight months. If there is travel involved for guests, it may be best to provide a bit more notice to allow them to save money and get time off work. If you provide this important information too late they won’t have time to make the necessary arrangements to come.

Conversely, when sending save the date cards, make sure it is not too early either. If you give guests more than the recommended notice of eight months, there is a risk that they will simply forget to plan anything as they will see it as so far in the future. Similarly, it is never a good idea to send save the dates cards before you have got some arrangements set in stone, this avoid the potential of having to tell guests about a sudden change of plans.


Including registry information

Many guests will want to know where your wedding is registered, however it is considered faux par to include this information on save the date cards. Registry information is often best left to a wedding website where guests can go should they want more details.


Sending them to people who you are unsure about inviting

Once you have sent your save the date cards you have essentially invited all of those recipients. It is important then that when you send them that you are sure you want all of those people attending. To avoid any confusion or embarrassing conversations go through your list and ensure it includes everyone you want.


Investing too much in design

Save the date cards serve a very functional purpose, they tell people when your wedding is and subsequently when to clear their calendar. They are not the formal invitation, given this; they do not have to match your set wedding design. They provide an opportunity to experiment with designs and themes without dedicating to anything just yet.



Only using electronic copies

Email and digital invites are becoming increasingly popular as more people become digitally connected. How much you want to use email or digital methods of communication with guests is up to you. However, for things such as the actual invitations and the save the date cards, physical snail mail is recommended. Physical copies are ideal as they can be kept by friends and relatives as keep sakes or mementos. In many cases older relatives will not be so tech savvy and may rely a lot more on old fashion psychical mail to get their invitation.

While save the date cards may seem like a relatively straight forward part of the wedding planning process, there are a surprising amount of things that can go wrong. By avoiding these mistakes hopefully you can make sure that your pre invitations are the best they can be.

Are Will Dispute Lawyers Expensive to Hire?


There can sadly be times in life where people will find themselves in a less than ideal situation. This can become even harder when this scenario involved family members or close friends. When these types of scenarios do arise, it is important that people do everything in their power in order to protect themselves financially, physically, and mentally.

There can be times where a loved one passes away and someone is not happy with what they have outlined in their last will and testimony. They may believe that they were manipulated into changing certain aspects of it or perhaps someone didn’t organise any paperwork at all before they passed away. Some people may not have gotten around to updating it to include new children and family members.

As there are all sorts of situations like these that can arise, there are many people out there who are looking for reputable will dispute lawyers who can help them with their case. The only problem is that many people may not have the spare funds to put towards this kind of service and so will be needing to learn about all of the involved costs before they hire anyone.


will and testamentPeople may be able to negotiate costs when they are experiencing hardship

While there are, of course, involved costs when hiring will dispute lawyers, this doesn’t mean that people have to give up their livelihood just to work with a professional. In some cases, there are will dispute lawyers out there who are able to work pro bono or at a discounted rate when they are working with someone who is experiencing hardship. People may be able to find someone like this by performing a Google search or by contacting different firms to put in a query.

Some people out there may even look into legal aid. Having said this, there are usually time constraints on services such as these because there are so many people in need out there. As this is the case, it may be a wise move to pay full price for those who are under time pressures. Some examples of this may be when there is an item that is at risk of being destroyed by another person.

It can also be handy for people to know that there are some will dispute lawyers out there who will only charge a fee if they win the case. As it can be seen, there are a few different options out there which is why it can be a good idea to put aside a bit of time to perform research.


Some will dispute lawyers will charge by the hour whereas others will charge an upfront fee

It is important for people to know that different will dispute lawyers will invoice their clients in different ways. Some will prefer the old method of pay by the hour and others will prefer to charge an upfront fee. When people do charge by the hour, it is likely that it will cost about $200 or more per hour.

The reason why some professionals like to charge upfront is because they find that they are able to build a more trusting relationship with their client. They will know that they will do everything in their power to achieve the best case scenario for them because they will only be getting paid a certain amount. Furthermore, people can have peace of mind knowing that their attorney isn’t trying to drag the proceedings out to get more money.

At the end of the way, each attorney will work a little differently and so will charge a little differently too. This is why it is always best to find this out before hiring.


How to Identify Value With Hot Water Cylinders at a NZ Price


More Australians are on the hunt for hot water cylinders NZ price.

Across the Tasman there are hot water outlets who are innovating and designing systems that are returning the best possible results for households and businesses alike.

In 2018 there are less restrictions on exporting goods and when it comes to an investment as significant as a hot water system, why should domestic customers settle for cylinders any less reputable?

The key question then emerges for people looking through for these products – how can you identify value?

Let us discuss a series of the talking points that will illustrate how value can be sourced in this industry.


Amount of Water Use

The amount of water required for a premises will be the starting point to settling on a brand of hot water cylinders at a NZ price. The usual tank size necessary for a four-person location is between 270-315L through a regulation heat pump, although that will change depending on the profile of the heating system. Solar products rely on a greater amount of storage capacity to negate the periods when there is a dearth of sunlight available. Run a diagnostic on the current system and examine how much water is in use per day, per week, per month and per year. This will offer a platform for further decisions along the journey.


System Profile to Match Circumstances

Those consumers who are out and about in the market for hot water cylinders at a NZ price must settle on one of three decidedly contrasting models. One of those will be gas, a product that can be garnered from a natural gas source or liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Another will be an electrical model, a flexible system that is suitable to indoor or outdoor settings. Then there will be the upgraded solar initiatives that are costly from an installation point of view, but save the consumer in the long-term.

When examining what constitutes value, the individual must make an assessment when speaking with a provider as to the ideal fit to match their circumstances. New Zealand companies have a top reputation in this field and the options they will give to consumers will be numerous, so it is up to the brand provider to communicate to the customer what they have, and it is reliant upon the customer to tell the brand provider what they need.


Currency Fluctuations and Market Trends

The cost that is evaluated for Australian consumers when sourcing hot water cylinders at a NZ price will ultimately be decided upon tariffs, taxes and shipping costs that must be exported to domestic shores. The currency difference will be calculated and that will be a factor that will pass onto the customer. Given the strength of the Australian dollar over the New Zealand dollar, this is an advantage for domestic shoppers to hunt for a product that is high in quality but lower in cost. Of course there will be additional fees that emerge when the owner has to have the system physically installed, but the procuring of the product itself will be cheaper.


Energy Rating and Efficiency

Discovered on the side of each hot water system should be a star energy rating. Hot water cylinders at a NZ price could produce a different format in this respect, but each product must outline the energy efficiency that derives from the cylinder. For those home and business owners that require a continuous flow where the system regularly functions, this efficiency is paramount to keeping costs down. Electrical models in particular suffer when running in off peak periods as well as in peak.


Quality of After Sales Service

A final benchmark that can help consumers judge the value in hot water cylinders at a NZ price is the quality of the after sales service. From a comprehensive customer service apparatus to contact with a maintenance provider and plans to upgrade, this can be a parameter to settling on a brand that goes beyond that initial transaction.




Things to Consider When Buying Prescription Glasses

man wearing glasses

Purchasing new prescription glasses can be tough. It can often be hard to even know where to begin especially given the vast ranges of styles, needs, models and features. That’s why we have compiled our top tips and considerations that you need to make when buying your new specs.


What variety of applications will you need these prescription glasses for?

It is crucially important to consider what you will actually be using these spectacles for. This often changes dramatically from wearer to wearer depending on lifestyle, work and hobbies. Someone who works outdoors all day will have different needs from someone who works in an office.  With this in mind then, it is important to ensure you communicate the use of your new prescription glasses with your optometrist who can then adjust the features and specifications accordingly.


glasses for men

What type of lens is ideal?

While it is often easy to get bogged down in the vast array of styles available for your spectacles, the most important features of these spectacles is the lens itself. Current technological developments have seen a growth in the use of plastic lenses for prescription glasses. This offers a number of advantages, such as better protection against scratches as well as lowering the risk of injury.

New lens technology however also means that there are a growing number of ways your spectacles can be altered or personalised. A variety of lens coatings are now available, anti-reflective coatings allow spectacles to block out distracting light distortion and reflections.

Lens tinting is also a consideration for your specs. We would highly recommend that lenses are UVA and UVB protective.


glasses for men

What style and frame is right for you?

Given that prescription glasses are tailor made and designed to the person, there is a vast array of stylistic options to choose from. We recommend consulting your optometrist about your options, as they will know what is available and practical for the type of lenses you are using.

Two questions you must ask yourself when considering style are:

  • Do they suit your face?
  • Are they compatible with your lenses?

Optometrists and stylists have often said that those with a round face should choose more angular frames. While those with more angular face shapes should opt for softer more oval shaped frames.

The material of the frame is also a crucial factor in the way your frames will look and feel. Different plastics and metals have been used over the years and can vary wildly in weight and feel. Speak to your optometrists about what is available.


Consider your old pair of spectacles

Your old frames can often provide a platform for you to discover what you want out of your new ones.  The sizing and fit of them can be helpful when narrowing down the options of lenses and frames available, especially when looking online.

If you are looking to add a new pair of specs to your current collection then think about what features and styles you don’t already have. Alternatively if your current prescription glasses are no longer working for you then you can choose new specs that improve on these.  


Where does this leave us then?

While it is no secret that purchasing a new pair of prescription glasses can be tough and confusing, we hope that our top tips and considerations can help you to wade your way through a seemingly endless array of information. If you remember to consider their use, style, lens type and your own history with spectacles, you will be on the right track to choosing the perfect pair of specs.