Scaffolding in Brisbane traditionally sees steel materials being used for construction projects. However, we have certainly noticed an increased use of aluminum frameworks.

These come in different forms including:

  • Aluminum scaffolding in Brisbane – lights, with minimal parts, and easy to move around
  • Aluminum mobile towers – similar to above with multiple step-up podiums
  • Aluminum planks – beams to add extra support and footing

Curious as to why there has been such a rise to rival its steel counterpart, we’ve done a little research to find out some of the reported benefits of aluminum in construction project environments. Check out the reasons we’ve discovered for why aluminum is the new steel…


  1. Lighter

First and foremost, aluminum is not as dense and heavy as traditional steel. This means it’s much easier to install, use, store and transport from one place to another. Which leads into…


  1. Portability


Being a material of a lighter weight, it’s therefore easier to carry compared to its steel counterpart. As it consists of high-intensity band brake casters, it’s easily moved and locked, which makes it easier when transporting your scaffolding around different locations in Brisbane.

Being extremely portable gives this frame a serious advantage over other materials including steel (remembering this is much heavier). This is beneficial to the project team – collaboratively, this can be easily lifted and moved around a site, or dismantled, loaded and reassembled.


  1. Durability

Sturdy aluminum has welded joints for strength. This means it doesn’t need much maintenance and can stand the test of time.


  1. Stability

Aluminum scaffolding in Brisbane is also stable and safe. Reinforced joints make it capable of providing great support to heavy weights. The strong connection between components guarantees high stability, security and safety in the construction work place.


  1. Flexibility

Aluminum frameworks can be easily set up and dismantled, meaning there is more leniency with use around the site.


  1. Budget-friendly

Aluminum scaffolding tends to be cheaper than other options in Brisbane such as wood, fiberglass or steel. It does so without sacrificing quality, this taking into account manufacturer, dimensions and other factors.

Also due to the ease at which this type of scaffolding in Brisbane can be dismantled and moved between sites, there are lower transport costs involved (for example, vehicle fuel).


  1. Adjustable

Speaking of size and dimensions, aluminum scaffolding in Brisbane is available in a range of sizes, complete with adjustable options.


  1. No corrosion

Protective layers of aluminum oxide when exposed to air allow for natural oxidization which serves as a protective membrane, meaning the material doesn’t corrode.


  1. Less maintenance

Steel needs extra care when it comes to corrosion and rust, especially when it’s humid. Wood needs to be protected against wear and deformation. Fortunately though for aluminum, there’s little that’s needed in the way of maintenance, since aluminum doesn’t corrode (as per the above). This makes it a more time-effective choice.


  1. Less labour

Less people and efforts required to maneuver the framework onsite. This in turn means less manpower costs, crane usage, and less safety hazards in the installation and usage of this type of scaffolding in Brisbane. Less skilled personnel and man hours are entailed in this.

With different kinds available on the local market, including sturdy fibreglass, wood, and of course steel, it helps to be aware of the advantages of each.

It is lightweight yet durable, cost-effective and super versatile. Hopefully our list of benefits for the aluminum platform will highlight where this can really come in handy and can help in making decisions for your project.