Another year, another trend – the Kangen water machine has differentiated itself from the usual array of liquid filters by having a fair number of popular backers and supporters across various industries. There is no denying it, hydration is important for our day-to-day lives. There are a number of filters and means of enhancing your H20 experiences, all with different promises and notions of grandiose properties, the Kangen machine has to be one of the more interesting of the newer concepts of hydration experimentation. 

The Kangen water machine has boasted a few technological advancements in terms of how it delivers its hydration solutions – a lot of ten-dollar words like electrolysis and alkaline keep permeating a number of outlets that are advertising a Kangen water machine. So, this article will attempt to break down what these terms are representative of, and a few of the ways you can utilise your new addition expertly in your life. 

The Alkaline Trend

Let’s talk about pH levels, shall we? If you harken back to the chemistry days of your high school or university lives you’ll no doubt remember the old rule: Lower pH = Acidic | Higher pH = Alkaline. Now that we’re all caught up let’s discuss how a Kangen water machine fits into this realm of possibility and scientific endeavour.  

The process of a Kangen water machine is ostensibly to utilise electric currents (among other things) to ionize your regular tapped hydration as a means of instigating a higher pH level in the liquid and make it a more alkaline experience for the body. It’s not out of the wheelhouse to have an alkaline approach to certain elements of day-to-day health, after all, indigestion liquids and solutions are often higher in pH to counteract the acidity of stomach acid for instance. 

The Kangen water machine range usually has a few options on their interface to determine the level of ionizing (which therefore impacts the pH levels), ranging from acidic to alkaline and can be utilised for a number of everyday occurrences and tasks. 


glass of water

We’ve all tried to old vinegar and water trick on tricky stains and for sanitizing the areas we work in. There is credence in the fact that a well-placed Kangen water machine could assist in producing a near endless supply of acidic or alkaline solutions (depending on the purpose you’re using it for) which has been tested a number of times and in a few different contexts. 

We’ve heard tell of kitchens and hospitality venues around the world who swear by their Kangen water machine purchase as a means of moving ever so slowly away from the wasteful and harmful chemical products that are typically required for efficient sanitisation. So, for those who have a penchant for wanting a cleaner and more vibrant environment that doesn’t depend on potentially harmful chemicals, this may be your next investment. 

Filtration & Cleanliness 

The clean drinking trend which includes case studies of cities like Flint Michigan being without clean drinking taps has instigated a renewed interest in concepts like the Kangen water machine for its ability to filter and ionize the solutions in efficient ways. The ability to set the pH levels manually is also a big benefit for those who enjoy the concept of choice and finding the right levels for their exact purpose or intent. 

In the end, doing your own research on the subject can go a long way in determining whether or not a Kangen water machine is for you, it is certainly the most interest trend we have seen thus far in 2022.