If you’re ever sitting at your desk wondering why you’re never getting any work done, the busy light is the invention that will help you. This piece of revolutionary technology is what your day has been crying out for. Using a LED indicator that is connected to a programme on your desktop, it can signal to those around you whether you are busy or free to talk. Using a red/green system, it is simple to use. Think about the person in your place you think to be a moron, so stupid, you wonder how they still have a job. They will understand busy light and its effectiveness. What’s more is, when you are on a call the busy light will immediately flash red to ensure nobody comes near you. The advantages of this new product are tenfold.


Once installed, you will notice an increase in productivity, your ability to concentrate will improve and the days of staying in late trying to get work done will disappear. You’ll have one person to thank, the inventor of the busy light. No longer will your days consist of colleagues coming up to you asking favour after favour, preventing you from working at your maximum capacity. You won’t be called for quick meetings, with those higher up than you thinking you have nothing better to be doing than nipping out of the office for a “quick” 30-minute coffee and catch up, five minutes of which were useful, the other 25 an utter waste of time and energy. Your day will be transformed and your interaction with colleagues will be solely based around a must do basis. You will be in charge of how your time is used, and the priorities you set will be dealt with.

The busy light will help you achieve goals you previously found unreachable. You will reach your targets, hit your deadlines and become cream of the crop. The promotion you had envisaged but that had never been mentioned in the office will suddenly become the talk of upper management. Ironically, you will be called into more meetings, with the aim of creating a package that you are happy with. Time will be lost away from your desk but at least it will be used for something you can get behind, more money going into your bank account each month. The days of counting the pennies as pay day approaches will be a thing of the past as the busy light helps catapult you into a higher wage bracket. Once the promotion is secured you’ll be sure to write a letter to its founder and maybe even chosen as a representative for their company as they seek to expand the company globally. The possibilities are endless once you start using this exceptional product.



So, what are you waiting for? The busy light is on the market and ready for action. There is not one negative thing you can say about this product when talking about work productivity. As a worker, you will become unrecognisable from the one that went before. The jokes will be made that is for sure. Colleagues will ask who the new guy is, or when the company hired your twin. No need to take any notice of this though. Your busy light will be set to red anyway, so all the talk will be held away from your desk. No longer will people speak to you at your desk or even at lunch because you will have lost touch with the office gossip, but not to worry, when you have more money you don’t need friends.