It is the great debate that has divided shoppers across all markets and all industries for the better part of the 21st Century: to buy over the web or in-store?

Granted there is no one-size-fits-all policy that can offer a direct solution to the debate, but when it comes to online bongs there are some key talking points to consider.

Smokers of tobacco in Australia consider this exercise routine even if others from outside the industry see it as something of a taboo subject.

Yet the same exact principles apply, from furniture to computers and smartphones, televisions and items of clothing – do you part with your hard earned money following a digital excursion or should you test the goods out in the “real world”?

Here we will delve into this matter in more detail, allowing smokers to reach a conclusion that should offer clarity on their purchasing habits.



It is incredibly convenient for a store to be open for business as you are walking by town and have time to spare. Allowing you to walk through the isles and assess what is available, this is one of the luxuries of an open and free economy. However, those that decide to make their investments through online bongs are not limited by business hours. They are not limited by EFTPOS machine requirements. They are not even limited by what is available in stock on that day. The convenience of bypassing all of those concerns makes the digital experience that much more satisfying.


glass bongRange of Product Options

It is important not to gloss over the idea of what stock is available in-store. Due to demand or the proximity of the shop to the supplier, these outlets can only obtain so much physical demand of a model within the span of a working week. With online bongs, smokers can view the entire catalogue from plastic and metal to ceramic and glass models at their own leisure.


Speaking With Real People

Speaking with real people is an advantage that can be sourced almost 100% of the time with an in-store experience, with a customer service rep ready and available to answer questions and process orders. Online bongs don’t enjoy that advantage anywhere close to that mark, and rarely in real time. There will be exceptions where a brand does offer a hotline where citizens can inquire about the item and how suitable it is to their smoking needs.


Analyzing the Product

Getting an actual tangible feel for the product might be something that is admittedly out of reach when purchasing online bongs. What digital enterprises do offer in 2019 is the ability to read the measurements, obtain customer reviews and see if it is a good fit on practical and aesthetic measures.


Hunting for Sales and Bargains

The reality is for those shoppers who are scouring the stores and walking into the smoking centres across the country, they are limited to the sales and bargains that are on offer at that very moment and at that very location. There might be a degree of luck involved to find an outlet that is undergoing a clearance sale on a select group of models or on the entire range if they are moving premises or going out of business. However, it will be those consumers of online bongs who will be able to locate in their own time where the cut down prices can be sourced. This ability to sniff out a reduced price can be a gift and one that requires time and diligence, all qualities that have nothing to do with luck.



It would be a fair deduction to reach on a majority of counts to state that shopping for online bongs is more advantageous to the consumer than looking for items in-store. This won’t apply to all smokers from all persuasions, but there are consistent themes that indicate this habit is a trend that will only increase into 2019 and beyond.