Businesses that decide to make the switch to the MYOB Advanced model often come to a realisation that they need to take their operation to the next level.

For some it will be improvements in financial control while others will be motivated by competitors who are taking advantage of better technology.

Let us take a closer look at the key benefits that influence the investment of the MYOB Advanced package.

Scaling to a Larger Operation

One of the major drivers that helps to influence the purchase of the MYOB Advanced product is the need to scale a company to a larger operation. This is a system that was purposely geared towards these demands, helping enterprises in Australia and New Zealand to realise their potential. The flexibility with the platform assists organisations to add new modules and increase participation numbers without having to make costly decisions on new software package additions.

Fast Tracking Processes Via Automation

So much of the demands of the modern workplace come down to time. How much can a brand afford and how are they using it with their workforce? With automated reporting and assessment procedures carried out, companies now have the freedom to automate practices that they want, giving them more time on the schedule for staff and reducing stress with the 40-hour work week.

Improving Commercial Communication

Benefits of MYOB advanced

Thanks to a streamlined sales and purchasing program, the MYOB Advanced package is essential to boost communication functions. Once the exchange of information has been perfected and departments understand with clarity the roles of each official, then there is less backlog and drops in productivity. This is helpful for outlets that want control over accountability, tracking who is doing what and to which level.

Leveraging Customer Support Assistance

If any part of the transition to MYOB or to the Advanced module appears daunting, challenging or just confusing, constituents should realise that they have expert customer support assistance available. Making the switch will be easier to oversee when there are representatives who offer help in this context, removing those frustrations that can be realised when a new system is implemented. From calls and tutorials to messages and email support, these aids offer a safeguard for outlets that need to run an efficient program from top to bottom without interruption.

Upgrading Security Parameters

The Advanced platform from the MYOB module covers every basis when it comes to operational security matters. Thanks to cloud-based computing technology, businesses know that their sensitive information is encrypted and kept behind a system that safeguards user access. This is vitally important for outlets that are dealing with customer banking details, contact information, planning measures and other elements that need to be protected at all costs.

Comprehensive Payroll & Accounting Protocols

Organisations will often decide that the MYOB Advanced package is right for them because they need to have complete control over the finances, covering every territory from employee payroll to superannuation, leave entitlements and beyond. Accounting department officials will rely on these systems to be put in place, reducing any operational faults that could be realised. The more accurate the data, the stronger the performance of the brand.

Extensive Program Access

From employees situated at their desks with their laptops to remote practitioners using their mobile device, the MYOB Advanced platform ensures consistency with program access. This is one of the tangible advantages for switching across to the system, using cloud-based technology to adapt to different user circumstances.

Adhering to Tax Responsibilities

Companies who are upgrading their operation and expanding into new markets need to ensure that they have reconciled their accounts and adhered to their tax responsibilities. Although previous models would offer assistance in that context, the power and precision of the MYOB Advanced brand takes this domain to another level.