Finding the right divorce lawyer in Chatswood is essential for a faster, less expensive divorce compared to a long, drawn-out financial and emotional nightmare. Knowing what to look for when finding the best divorce lawyer in Sydney for you and your specific situation will put your mind at ease and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Here are some of the main things to consider when finding a divorce lawyer in Chatswood.


A great starting point when looking for a divorce lawyer in Chatswood is to ask around for any recommendations. Maybe a family member or co-worker has been through a similar situation recently and can recommend a good divorce lawyer to handle your case. Check on google for customer reviews and research the company’s website. On here you should be able to get a better idea of what services they provide and for what kind of clients they usually work with. Read the customer testimonials to hear what previous clients have thought of the service they have received and any positive or negative feedback they can provide.


Once you have a few names for local divorce lawyers in Chatswood who seem like a good fit and have the right kind of experience, ask to meet them in person before making your decision. Meeting in person is the best way to judge someone’s character and also how well they will manage your case especially when dealing with such personal and sensitive information. Most divorce lawyers should provide a free consultation so this is where you can take advantage and ask any questions you might have to get a better understanding of their approach and the services they provide.

Pick someone with experience

Divorce lawyer in Chatswood helping a couple on their separation

When finding divorce lawyers in Chatswood it is important to find someone who has worked with clients in a similar situation to yourself and who has extensive experience handling divorces. Many lawyers work with a number of different clients and manage a variety of cases so we would recommend finding someone who has excellent knowledge and a history of working specifically with divorce law. You may know someone who is an excellent criminal lawyer, however they probably aren’t going to be the most helpful when helping you with your divorce settlement.


You need to ensure that you find a divorce lawyer who you have good personal compatibility with and is easily approachable. They are going to be handling very sensitive information so you need to build up trust and have good strong open communication to make sure they are the right person you want to be dealing with. Ask what kind of approach they use as some lawyers have a more direct, aggressive approach and others are more passive and reasonable. Work out what kind of approach is going to suit your case better.

Understand the costs

It is sometimes better to focus on the quality of service rather than the hourly rate charged so chat with your lawyer and ask for a breakdown of the fees and if they provide payment plans. Every divorce lawyer in Chatswood will work a little differently so it’s important to understand the costs and identify if they are going to charge you by the hour or a fixed bill.  Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind and discuss this with your potential lawyer to ensure they are going to fit within your financial budget.

Finding a good legal representative can make a big difference to the outcomes of your case, so it’s a great idea to take your time to do your research.