Helicopter Grand Canyon adventures from Las Vegas are a great way to experience what the United States of America really is all about.

From the glitz and glamour of the Vegas strip and all of the nightlife that can be consumed in the city limits, the glorious natural splendour out in the Arizona Desert, this really is a contrast between hustle and bustle to peace, quiet and tranquility.

In these environments, it is worthwhile taking stock of some facts about the journey, what can be enjoyed and what expectations should be set by participants who sign up for the pleasure.


Costs Will Vary For Clients

Helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas adventures will vary in price according to the provider and according to the season. In the cooler months of autumn and winter there will be a different profile of traveler to those that venture in the warmer months, seeing a definitive contrast between freezing cold snow and humid heat. All participants are advised to check details and see which period will suit their needs and their budget.


The Journey is Extensive

Helicopter Grand Canyon adventures from Las Vegas take up approximately 4 hours as a round trip, so that is time that has to be taken into account on the itinerary. Simply heading by vehicle can be between 4 to 4.5 hours one way and this is why so many travelers opt for the grander experience of heading there via the skies. This time that is required is important to note for those participants who may have issues with motion sickness or suffer from other ailments that will be affected during this trip from the Vegas liftoff point to the actual destination out in Arizona.


There is Plenty to See and Do

 helicopter flying

From Bright Angel Point and Trail to the South Rim, white-water rafting along the Colorado River, Bearizona park, Grand Canyon Railway, Havasu Falls, camping hot spots and the iconic South Kaibab Trail, there is so much that can be packed into the schedule. For many thrill seekers, helicopter Grand Canyon adventures from Las Vegas are merely a starting point to weeks of sights, sounds and activities that have to be consumed when entering the Arizona Desert. This will suit those retired couples who want to enjoy the views and younger adventurers who want a high-octane ride.


Flying in the Chopper is a Unique Experience

Helicopter Grand Canyon adventures from Las Vegas are unlike anything else that could be experienced for tourists and travelers of all descriptions. Whilst almost everyone in this environment will have a background of traveling economy on a plane or driving cross country around a desert area, noting can compare to the sights, sounds and sensation of moving within a chopper. From the sound that emanates from the propeller to the headphones and the feeling of gliding up from the ground, this is an activity that people with sensitive hearing or motion sickness should consult with the provider beforehand.


Bookings Fill Up Quickly

If you are weighing up whether or not helicopter Grand Canyon adventures from Las Vegas are worthy of your time, then you are already wasting a valuable opportunity. Bookings for these placements are snapped up often well ahead of time, with over 5 million annual visitors for the National Grand Canyon Park alone being one of the hot spots of the region. In 2016 there was approximately 43 million unique visitors to South Nevada alone and even a small percentage of these travelers are able to fill up all of those helicopter seats months in advance. The sooner people book in and reserve their place, the less concerned they can be about missing out.