Are you one of those new home builders in Perth? You have looked all over the city, but you haven’t been able to find the space that you feel is perfect? Your list is long for the perfect abode but not unreasonable, in your eyes anyway. It is extensive and leaves nothing to chance and if you can’t find the suitable house ready-made, you are quite content to become one of the many new home builders in Perth.

Firstly, let’s start with the most important room in the house, where the magic happens, the kitchen. You want a large kitchen big enough to have space while you whip up your tasty meals, one that will be comfortable when your family grows. You don’t want it to be cramped when the one thing that keeps you sane in the kitchen under pressure is the feeling of space. It will be your sanctuary when things are going wrong and it is a primary motivator when thinking about becoming new home builders in Perth



Just like other new home builders in Perth, you want to create a living room that you love. Once again it has to be spacious. Enough space for an L shaped couch or sofa that frames the room. A room in which you can hang a 50-inch television and it won’t look ridiculous, well not too ridiculous anyway. You’d like a faux fireplace too, because real fire damages the environment. Having a floor to ceiling window that looks out to the garden wouldn’t go amiss either, but you have accepted you can’t have everything. There must also be enough floor space for a nice rug and that all important coffee table to put your feet on after a long hard day. The living room will be like a waiting room for the kitchen, when you are done cooking up a storm they can enter but while work is in progress, diners wait in the living room.

The master bedroom is a careful consideration for new home builders in Perth. Firstly, they should think what side of the house it should be, the back is best to look over what will be a beautiful garden. You want it to be in a quiet part of the house too, one where you can sleep without fear of being disturbed. A lot of space is a must for wardrobes and of course, a master bedroom is not complete without a king-sized bed.


New home builders in Perth want a garden they can make their own too. Something that is big but not too big, an area that they can plant but one that is still manageable. One that won’t have them on their hands and knees all day weekend. Not only that but space to put an outdoor table is obviously desirable too, something that can fit one or two chairs as well as a table to eat at. The garden obviously has to face the afternoon sun for those chillier winter days. New home builders in Perth have a lot of space to work with but finding something perfect can be hard.

Living the life of one of the many new home builders in Perth is a tough one but something that will be worth it in the end. It will take hours and dollars, more than you imagined at the start. There will be disagreements with the contractors, nothing will seem to be running smoothly at some points and you’ll even think of throwing in the towel and giving up on the whole project but in the end it will all be worth it.