Fake grass can revolutionise the visual appeal of your home and garden. If you have just moved into a new property, then chances are you’re not overly concerned with the garden. In fact, you’re probably focusing more on the house itself, in terms of space and functionality. However, there comes a time when that decrepit looking backyard, with its overgrown lawn and spindly weeds, needs a serious makeover. If you want to revitalize your garden in a cost efficient and time efficient manner, then installing artificial turf in Sydney could be the thing you need.


How to install

Once you have bought your artificial turf in Sydney, the process of installation is relatively straightforward. Just remember to stick to the following easy steps.

Step 1: Know how much you need

Before you buy your artificial turf in Sydney, you need to know how much you need. Make sure you measure the space and then purchase a little bit extra just to be safe. No matter how accurate you think your measurements were, you’ll probably find that extra bit of grass useful in filling some gaps.

Step 2: Level out the ground

The next step is to level out the ground, since it’s probably uneven in some areas. There could be rocks or tree roots in the surface of the soil. Remove any weeds, rocks or tree roots that are inhibiting the ground and then fill in the gaps with a fresh layer of soil. Remember to remove any sprinkler systems, since you won’t be needing these anymore!

Step 3: Create a suitable base

After the ground has been levelled, you need to start making a base, so you can lay your artificial turf in Sydney. You can choose anything from a cracker dust to a road base, however, you must make sure that the base is compacted before you lay the grass. To do this, pour a thin layer of water over the base and then run a rake over the top to spread it out evenly. You want to leave approximately 15mm of space to adequately lay the artificial turf in Sydney.

Step 4: Lay the grass

synthetic grass

You want your lawn to look as professional and neat as possible. So, how do you do this? Make sure you run the grass the same direction, if you start to criss-cross, the grass can begin to look messy and uneven. You may have to cut some of the grass to fit it around objects in your yard, like plants. Leave your artificial turf in Sydney to settle for a few hours after completion.



So, why are more and more people buying fake grass for their homes? One of the main reasons is that maintenance is far less intensive. You don’t have to water fake grass or even cut it. As a result, you’ll notice your water bills dropping significantly! There’s no need to waste your Sunday afternoons watering the lawn – spend it with close family and friends instead! It’s also great for young families with young children and pets, because it’s easy to clean up pet droppings and softer for children to play on.

In addition, your artificial turf in Sydney is always going to look great. It doesn’t matter if you can’t water it, even if the heat is intense, because the grass won’t be affected. No need to spend money on fertilizers or pesticides to keep your lush lawn up and running for the duration of the humid, hot Australian summer. Your artificial turf in Sydney will remain durable, lush and beautiful for its entire life. Why not buy some today?