A drinking water fountain is a common sight in cities, parks and community areas. Installing a drinking water fountain is a good way to indicate that the area is perfect for community relations and activities and helps to promote a positive image to the community. Furthermore, it also has health benefits in that it keeps people hydrated and is a good and convenient amenity for the population to use at their will. There is an interesting history behind these amenities, in which they came to power through London in the 19th century. They have their place in any environment and are convenient in the sense that they care highly accustomed to indoor and outdoor environments and can be used for just about any facility and/or recreational outdoor or community area. This convenience provides a number of benefits in their installation and should be considered for any environments where they may be suitable.

Here are 3 benefits of installing a drinking water fountain around your community.

Hydration and convenience

Hydration is an important part of any person’s life, and not everyone carries a water bottle around with them at all times of the day. For those who run regularly, they will often find that carrying a bottle around during a rigorous run can be annoying. As such, a drinking water fountain presents a great convenience to these people, as well as to those who are enjoying community recreational areas and want some hydration. This is especially true in Australia, where the hot weather can reach very high temperatures. Having a drinking water fountain around these areas where the people will be enjoying the outdoors but exposed to the heat, will keep them hydrated and safe, and will be greatly appreciated by all.

Eco friendly and sustainable

Drinking water fountain

Global warming and environmental awareness is an important aspect to be considering now for everyone on the planet. Global warming can wreak havoc on the natural ecosystems within the earth, and as such, companies need to look at the affects they have on the planet through their activities. The use of a drinking water fountain is an ecofriendly solution to hydration amenities. This is because it reduces the use of plastic bottles which are often discarded carelessly, ending up as pollution in the environment. Furthermore, CO2 emissions occur from the transportation and distribution of plastic bottles, and as such, a drinking water fountain can help to reduce these emissions significantly. By placing more of these amenities around the country, you are able to reduce the amount of pollution and emissions, and you can shift attitudes to encourage more people to make use of these amenities rather than buying plastic bottles.

Accessible to all

The use of a drinking water fountain is not limited to a set part of the population and is accessible by all. People with disabilities are often debilitated by some amenities which are not accessible to them, however a drinking water fountain allows for anyone to access them. Inclusivity is a key feature of a drinking water fountain and ensures that all people are able to make use of the amenities.

Overall, a drinking water fountain is a great choice for anyone who wants to add convenience and amenities to their community areas, or even for workspaces such as commercial office areas and so on. They are great for providing hydration and are ecofriendly and sustainable. Furthermore, they are accessible to all, even those affected by disabilities. This makes the drinking water fountain a great idea for the community and for work spaces.